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What are they?

 They are sculptures representing different subjects, mainly with a marine theme. The fish have a light bulb, which represents the eye, then we find other animals, fishermen, faces of famous people etc. All these works are made from different materials, mainly plastic, which I find during my collecting along the coasts.


Can I buy them?

 Of course! They are all on sale, you can find them in the SHOP category and they are divided according to the type of subject. Each sculpture has its own size and price. ATTENTION: the ones that are sold are visible with the writing SOLD OUT.


Do you really find all those things along the beaches?

 Unfortunately, yes! Plastic, aluminium, ropes, nilon, fabric, these are some of the rubbish I encounter most often during my expeditions to Silba, Venice and Lake Garda.


Are they lamps?

 Yes, the fishes are lamps, they have an electrical system wired and certified, with an E14 light bulb. Inside the package you will also find guidelines for cleaning the work and, if necessary, changing the bulb. In general I always recommend never leaving the light on for long periods of time and without supervision, as it is always plastic.


Do you make all of these?

 Yes, I make them, I call myself a sculptor - creative - maker - craftsman, in my workshop I let my imagination run free, I experiment and give life to my works.


Do you only make fish?

 Fishes are the main product I offer, I have several and I produce them daily. However, as my art is constantly evolving, I often experiment, trying to create something different, and this is how the heads of fishermen, pirates and later famous people were born. As these are handmade and unique products, in case of particular needs, it is often possible to talk directly with me to choose a subject, a colour or a main theme to make the work.


Can I choose the shape and colour of the fish?

 This is a slightly complicated question, we can think of a project together, using particular materials (such as, for example, corks) or a specific colour, but creativity and art are part of my work, and even if I wanted to I could not replicate a sculpture in the same way, each one is unique and its shape depends on the objects I find, so you cannot choose it. But because of that you have a huge variety of sizes and shapes in my collection.


Where do you have the shop?

 The shop is in Verona, in Via Franco Faccio 25/A at On Design Store. It is a coworking space that we have been running for about 6 years. But you can also find me in other shops and regions of Italy, you can find everything in the RIVENDITORI category.


Are you always there?

 No, my days are very dynamic, so it's best if you call me 3403179650 or write me an e-mail in advance.


Do you only make sculptures with a pedestal?

 No! I make them from the wall on request. If you like a fish that has a pedestal, but you want to put it on the wall, I'll make it for you.


Can you make them bigger?

 No! The measurements are those in the description of each sculpture and they depend on the materials I find, there are larger sculptures and smaller ones.


Are they unique pieces?

 Of course they are! No fish is the same as another. Each of my sculptures is unique and certified.


Is it your work?

 Yes! It's my job, I've been doing it for many years, but only recently have I decided to talk about it and make myself known through social media.


Can you make an invoice?

 Of course I can! I make a sales receipt or an invoice (if you have a VAT number).


Do you have a business?

 I have a regular VAT number as a craftsman.


How can I pay?

 As you wish. Bank transfer, POS, PayPal or cash.


Do you ship them?

 Yes, I ship them all over Italy and Europe, the cost of transport is excluded from the price of the fish.


Do you deliver them in a package?

 Of course, each fish is delivered in a recycled and recyclable cardboard box of hexagonal stop, designed and built entirely by me.


Is the box included in the price?



Do you always have fish in the shop?

 Of course, I produce one sculpture a day to create continuity in the reuse of plastic and its collection.

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