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Thank you for joining the BAGSS project.


I ask you for a few minutes to read this information on BAGSS use and project.


The BAGSS project

There is a lot of talk about eco-sustainability or sustainable development and it refers to the environment in which we live.

More than one billion tons of waste are produced every year.

570,000 tons of plastic end up in the waters of the Mediterranean, the equivalent of 33,800 plastic bottles thrown into the sea every minute.

With these numbers in mind, it's no wonder more and more people are trying to

undertake eco-friendly lifestyles that respect the surrounding environment. Similar initiatives are being undertaken by an increasing number of companies.

The idea of eco-sustainability is becoming more and more popular.

So being eco friendly is now an added value, but in the future it will become the norm.

A few steps are enough to start the turning point and to contribute, little by little, to making our planet a better place.

My art form was also born out of a strong sense of eco-sustainability.

Those who follow me appreciate or buy my sculptures also as a sense of participation in the cause I have undertaken: cleaning the beaches.

The BAGSS project was born from these considerations and from the desire shown by many people to want to contribute directly to the cleaning of the sea.

The BAGSS is a bag made of natural cotton, with long handles for practical use.

I give it to those who register on my website ( ) and agree to share their experience of using the BAGSS.

The concept of "circular economy" becomes art and active participation of third parties who are involved allowing them to satisfy the desire to live eco-friendly.



How to use BAGSS

1- Take it with you on walks and walks along rivers, streams, lakes and beaches.

2- Fill it with the "dirt" you find.

3- Take photos and / or videos while using the BAGSS to clean the places you visit.

4- Send me those photos and / or videos with a little story about where you have been and why you joined my project.

5- If there are photos of minors (your children, relatives or friends) I need a release to use them (find it below, fill it in and send it to

6- If you can let me have the material you have collected, otherwise empty the BAGSS in the right bins, differentiating the content.

7- With the material you have collected I will create my own sculpture and if you want I will baptize it with your name.

8- I will share your images and / or videos on my social channels and website: facebook @ mmstariribar showing the work that thanks to you I will have created.

9- To talk about your story you will need your privacy consent that you find below, fill out the form and send it to

10- The free sending of BAGSS is bound to the use I have indicated to you.




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